Natural Progesterone and Fertility, Pregnancy

30 Sep 2003
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If progesterone is deficient, you will experience PMS, luteal phase deficiency, miscarriage, preterm labor and possibly premature birth.

Self-Medicating with Progesterone Cream

30 Sep 2003

The use of medicines available without prescription is nowadays generally accepted as an important part of healthcare. It is in line with the growing desire of everybody to take more responsibility for their own health.

Charting recommendations and guidelines for journal keeping

23 Sep 2003

A monthly journal that lists all the positives is vitally important because so many women have been conditioned to expect a negative cyclic experience. When documented proof of improved health is evident in their monthly charts, it can dramatically alter women's perception.

Natural Progesterone Helps Fight Breast Cancer

23 Sep 2003

According to Dr. Lee, two studies published in the American Journal of Pathology in 1999 show that estrogen increases breast cancer, and that progesterone receptors in the breast are more abundant in cases of more agressive breast cancer. Misinterpretation of this type of result is common...

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