The FDA Approves Lybrel

23 May 2007
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You’ve seen the news, now get the facts… Yesterday the Food and Drug Administration approved Lybrel, the first birth control pill designed to completely eliminate a woman’s monthly period. Along with Seasonale and Seasonique, pills that reduce periods to four times a year, this is an alternative for menstrual suppression that may be attractive to some women. From a safety perspective, Lybrel and other pills that suppress menstruation are probably a reasonable option for most women. If you can take birth control pills safely, you can probably take these. But there are concerns about how these products will be marketed and presented to women. If manufacturers and health care providers.

Candida Controversy

20 May 2007
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Kathy from Canada writes: Hello again, Catherine Have you ever heard of this Christine, founder of the National Candida Society? She talks about people being turned away by Dr. Lee (see her email below). What is that all about? Do you know? Is she blowing in the wind here or what? Have you ever heard of this person or her concerns? Did Dr. John Lee turn people away who he could not help? Surely not … I am so upset because I believe wholeheartedly that Dr Lee is right, and I’ve been using the cream for balance for several years now. Here’s Christine’s response to my email: “Dear Kathy, About.

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