Progesterone for Traumatic Brain Injury (ProTECT III)

29 Mar 2010
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USA Today, March 2010 A small study of bioidentical progesterone in the treatment of traumatic brain-injured patients was so promising the National Institutes of Health has financed a larger, nationwide study that is to start enrolling patients this week. Scientists are still trying to unravel how progesterone protects the brain, but laboratory and animal studies suggest that it is critical for normal development of brain cells and reduces swelling from trauma. The NIH is betting at least $14 million, the cost of the first three years of the expanded trial, that progesterone will pan out, he says. The new trial plans to randomly assign a total of 1,140 newly brain-injured.

How Thermography Assists You in Breast Cancer Prevention

28 Mar 2010

The Newest Safe Cancer Screening Tool You might not realize that cancer is now the disease most likely to lead to your death. It passed heart disease as the #1 killer a number of years ago. And if you are a woman, breast cancer is the type of cancer you are most likely to get. There are many approaches you can take to prevent breast cancer (or any cancer), including the dietary changes and lifestyle modifications. However, if you already have breast cancer — even in the early hidden stages — you need a radically different strategy, since the cancer could kill you before your dietary and other changes take.

Seizures & Progesterone – A story of hope and promising results

10 Mar 2010
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Kay contacted the early September 2009 looking for assistance after she was prescribed a compounded bioidentical progesterone cream. Kay, who lives in Portland, Oregon, has a seizure disorder that leaves her bedridden 18-21 days a month with some type of seizure activity (several ‘episodes’ in a day is not unusual). Results were almost immediate and significant. Upon commencing progesterone supplementation, seizures dropped down to 5 a month. In her email to me, Kay wrote, “This is the first time I may have hope of regaining my life! But being on disability I can’t afford the product. Medicare took it off the market last December!” Kay shares her story ….

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