Tired of struggling with the effects of unbalanced progesterone levels like major mood changes, loss of sex drive, unsightly facial hair, unexplained weight gain, irregular uncomfortable periods, and more? Want to learn how you can overcome your most challenging emotions and pain associated with menopause, infertility, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, PMS, reproductive cancers all linked to estrogen dominance?


The Natural-Progesterone-Advisory-Network is here to help

Founded in 2001, this Women’s Hormonal Health Community evolved into the comprehensive Authority site it is today out of women’s choice to shy clear of artificial progestins linked to breast cancer, and the wide-spread refusal by healthcare practitioners to embrace bioidentical hormones in the treatment of hormone imbalance. Without question, there is a general lack of knowledge available to both patients and practitioners on effective and appropriate dosage and usage guidelines relating to bioidentical progesterone.

We have, for over a decade, amassed a comprehensive library of real life knowledge rather than just book knowledge. These shared experiences give women a sense of comfort and conviction they are on the right track. We draw heavily on the hundreds upon hundreds of ‘personal accounts’ reported by women successfully incorporating bioidentical progesterone in their health regime, tempered with input from prescribing healthcare professionals embracing BHRT in their practice. And there are many success stories out there that this Network has been a part of.

The information we make available on this website changes women’s lives.

Here’s a list of the “good stuff” we do

  • We decipher and simplify information and empirical evidence that is uploaded to our library as it comes to hand so you’re guaranteed to get the most up-to-date and accurate information anywhere online without having to spend countless hours searching… or questioning the source.
  • We provide tried, tested, and recommended cream usage & dosage for specific problems.
  • We discusses various delivery systems of natural progesterone (pills, patches, troches, suppositories, gel, creams)
  • We outline when to start applying natural progesterone cream and when to expect to see results, and we explore reasons why natural progesterone cream may not be working for you.
  • We answer frequently asked questions posed by women & their doctors around progesterone’s efficacy and safety.
  • We talk about artificial HRT as distinct from bioidentical HRT – two completely different forms of replacement therapy.
  • Women openly and freely discuss their medical concerns and their own experiences with natural progesterone use.

And here’s how YOU benefit

  • Women learn about their reproductive cycles, how to interpret hormone imbalance, and what contributes to estrogen dominance.
  • Women can make a more informed choice once they understand what bioidientical hormone replacement therapy is and what makes it safer than artificial HRT.
  • Women learn what to look for when buying cream, how to source a premium cream, and how to apply it safely.
  • In learning the various stages of progesterone’s action in the body, women can monitor and adjust their dosage to ensure full benefits and protection against estrogen-driven cancers.
  • They come to learn what symptoms are treatable with progesterone supplementation, and those that are not.
  • Women learn how to approach their doctors, what to do if their doctors refuse to support their choice of BHRT, where to order a premium cream, and in which country a doctor’s prescription is required.

Catherine P Rollins, Founder & CEO

It’s all about providing YOU with ETHICAL support

In setting up this website way back in 2001, I made a bold, yet very important decision. And I stand by that decision almost two decades later. I’m passionate about your freedom to access the mountain of “hidden” information your doctors (and drug companies) aren’t sharing with you. What you need to know to save your sanity, your health, and quite possibly your life!

To that end, I continue to conduct research into aspects of natural progesterone, while providing comfort and advice to women worldwide on a daily basis. I want the women of the world to be taken seriously – even when they have unexplainable symptoms – and to have natural help readily available when they need it. Since hormones affect everything from our weight, skin and immune response to our ability to sleep well, relate well, think well and feel well in our own skin, hormone imbalance can therefore have such a profound effect on a woman’s health and her overall sense of well-being.

My goal as Founder and CEO of the Natural-Progesterone-Advisory-Network.com website is to ensure women everywhere have the resources they need to find biodentical hormones and use it for the betterment of their lives.

Your One-Stop TRUSTED Resource

The Natural-Progesterone-Advisory-Network.com website enjoys a one-of-a-kind niche in the bioidentical hormone replacement community as providing a ‘safe’ haven for women. That’s because our website does NOT sway to the influences of sponsors or censors. We tell it like it is when it comes to the best uses of bioidentical (natural) progesterone. That’s precisely how we’ve been able to expand this community and help so many women around the globe.

We are NOT in any way associated with pharmaceutical manufacturers or distributors. We DO NOT promote, advertise or sell any cream or product. We provide you with QUALITY and UNBIASED information.

We are your one stop resource for all and complete information on bioidentical progesterone. With us, you don’t have to go anywhere else as we provide you quality articles by industry experts and medical professionals. We make recommendations, offer advisories, points out concerns and much more, to help you make the best decision without or under any influence.

So how ARE we funded?

Simple. Through self-help ebooks and premium membership subscriptions sold on this site. That’s it. YOUR investment in our Network is reinvested back into the our Community of empowered women to help pay it forward in support other women like you!

Our MISSION is to educate women (and men) about the immense benefits of Natural Progesterone and it’s safe use. To open doors for patients and practitioners alike to gain easy access to accurate, reliable and impartial information.

If you are fed up feeling miserable and unwell, suspect hormone imbalance, and want to know more about how natural biodentical progesterone cream might help, doesn’t it make sense to trust THE WOMEN who’ve actually used natural progesterone for close to two decades … and reported remarkable results.

Catherine P Rollins, Founder & CEO
In love & appreciation,

Catherine P. Rollins

Founder & CEO
Ethically Supporting Women’s Choice of BHRT Since 2001

Don’t let hormones rule your life. Take back your power … today. Let me show you how!

The sooner you start this LAST STEP on your final journey to uncover how to heal your hormone hell, the faster you’ll begin to feel better. I’m sure you can agree that’s reason enough to get started now!

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