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Dr David ZavaCatherine Rollins has made educating women (and men) on the safe and effective use of natural progesterone her passionate cause. She shares her knowledge in a delightful, down-to-earth manner. Bookmark this website. You will refer to this information over and over for guidance and support.Dr. David Zava, Ph.D., Hormone expert and Co-Author, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer”
Dr George Yu, M.D.This website is a jewel for woman who desperately want to know more about their own bodies. Sex hormones are beyond the subject of reproduction, it is life itself as it effects almost every organ in your body. Men go through andropause but it is slower and more subtle. I recommend this site as a beginning course in menopause and Catherine’s e-booklets are simple to understand and full of information. I recommend all to use this site before even getting your baseline hormone profile which reveals your real biological hormonal age.Dr George Yu, M.D., Clinical Professor of Urology, George Washington University Medical Center
Catherine Rollins is a leader and pioneer on the forefront of educating women about the immense benefits of natural progesterone and it’s safe use. Through her website, she has created an open door for patients and practitioners alike, to gain easy access to accurate and reliable information. Her warmth, enthusiasm and integrity are a gift to us all!Dr Jay H. Mead, FASCP, President & Chief Medical Director of Labrix Clinical Services, Inc. BHRT Expert and co-author of “Slim, Sane, and Sexy: Pocket Guide to Natural, Bioidentical Hormone Balancing“
Patients would be shocked to see how little time we spend in medical school on the female endocrine system. I remember about a week in second year, six weeks in the third year. That was for the entire subject of obstetrics and gynecology. Needless to say, 99% of docs enter the “real world” totally unprepared to answer questions, or provide guidance to our patients. For many docs, their chief source of information, is the pharmaceutical industry. This is really a conflict of interest. That is why I fell in love with the website. I feel I can find any information I need. I can share ideas and problems, and get credible and timely, evidence based solutions to my problems. Thanks for the wonderful job you all do!Dr Robert W. Patterson, Sanford, NC, USA
I am a naturopathic doctor and want to increase my ability to help my patients. Your information contains the real life knowledge rather than just book knowledge. This is extremely helpful. Thanks for the great work. I will continue to use this site as a resource and I look forward to receiving your newsletters in the future. With much thanks,Dr Virginia Keilty, USA
“Sites such as provide informed comment and seek to bridge the gap between patient and healthcare professions. It’s one of a number of good places to start educating one’s self as to the merits or otherwise of progesterone. Time will tell if the type of “coal-face” information being offered by the will be in the medical textbooks ten years from now.”Michael Buckley, Principal Pharmacist, Lawley Pharmaceuticals, Western Australia
I’d like to compliment Catherine on an amazing web site.Carol Petersen, Women’s International Pharmacy, Madison, WI. USA
“This is an excellent compilation of information from women who have been using transdermal progesterone for more than five years. Virtually every question ever asked by women experiencing hormonal flux is answered in a clear, concise manner. From “Why are my symptoms returning after seven months?”, to “How do I talk to my doctor about progesterone?”, as well as specific descriptions of how progesterone works in the body and what you can do to enhance its effectiveness. We highly recommend this information to everyone who is considering using transdermal progesterone.”Bill of Karuna, a Division of Kevala, California, USA
Catherine, I am so grateful to have found your website. I am a DES daughter (mother took synthetic estrogen while pregnant). I have been researching and reading for years, and have never found anything as informative as you website. Dianne, USA
Can I say WOW what amazing website you have, it’s crammed with so much info and help it’s wonderful, and the thank you goes to you, Catherine. From my heart “thank you” for such a amazing, helpful website.Nemisha, UK
Catherine, Just wanted to let you know I just listened to the podcast of yourself and Dr Yu and I wanted to thank you very much for making this available. It was so very interesting and I made plenty of notes. I am lucky to have you in my court (as a Wellness Coach) and i am so grateful to have found you. Jen, Canberra, Australia
I cannot thank you enough for your service. I suffered for years with PCOS, many hormonal related symptoms, one of the worst being severe water retention for 2 weeks a month where I felt like I became very overweight despite diet and excersize-this wreaked havoc with my self esteem and psychological health. I found your site and, after reading everythinga, I started using progesterone cream. I have noticed a gentle yet immense difference in my life!!! I sleep so much better, my PCOS symptoms have faded a lot and best of all my premenstrual weight retention is virtually gone!!! I am so happy but also upset no doctor told me about this a long time ago. You are angels thank you so much-keep doing what you do. Steph, Australia
Your website offers comprehensive information and I am sure women are benefitting immensely. May you be blessed.Ahmad, Mombasa Kenya
Your website is WONDERFUL!! I feel as if it is a Godsend for me. I am so glad I went ahead and bought your book. It not only reinforces what I already know, but has so much more to offer. Thank you SO much for all the time and passion you have put in your book. I will be spreading the word to my estrogen dominant sisters.Julie of Appleton, WI, USA
Thanks to my Angels for helping me find your Network!!!!!Alison Dubens, Australia
I had my first child at age 32, at age 38 due to emotional problems I was put on Premarin. From there I was given Ogen and Provera at age 40. I was diagnosed with CFS also at age 40, and was very sick for 12 years. I lived in Saudi Arabia, and I believe it was God’s blessing that I was not treated with any drugs for CFS. I first heard about Progesterone cream on Television. I bought the cream for my daughter who was at University and having trouble with PMS. Doing some research about the cream I felt very strongly that I need to go off the HRT and use the cream, that was the best decision I have ever made. I feel so much better, on the monthly score sheet (taken from your website) to determine progress I went from scores of 39 to 3. What a difference in my life and joy. I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine, so much for HRT. I can’t wait to see what the Bone Density test shows in two years. I thank you for your web site and E-book. Keep up the good work.Montie, Michigan, USA
I think that your website is awesome … there’s nothing like it on the net.Jany, Canada
I wanted to let you know that I have received my e-book and am delighted. I have read a tremendous amount of information and find that yours is especially useful as it incorporates the real experiences of women.Donna, New York, USA
Catherine, thanks a million for helping me find a compounding pharmacist in Santiago!Carmen Mikulski, Santiago, Chile
“I wanted to thank you for all your efforts for getting me signed up, providing this information to all the women who desperately need it. I have read the sections on usage and know now what I need to do – take breaks from the cream. Your website and self-help ebooks has the info I have sought and not found elsewhere. Thanks sooooooo much!”Jeanne, USA
“I received my membership and successfully logged in. I think it’s an awesome accomplishment and really a service to womankind.”Janet, Portland, USA
“Received my login to your website this past weekend and just LOVE it! Thanks so much for an absolutely wonderful resource!”Susie of Neosho, MO, USA
“I was looking for more info about progesterone cream after reading Dr. Lee’s book and came upon your website. I have read your self-help ebook and think it has so much information about progesterone cream and it’s practical usage. I was one that felt the initial 2 week of changes, no acne, pigmentation in my face lightening and headaches gone. Then as time went on and I took my first break from the cream the acne came back. I am now in beginning my 4th cycle and since I read your info a month ago I have been using more cream and did not take a break from the cream last cycle. I feel it was a god-send. I have had a great increase in my moods and my period was shorter and not nearly as heavy this last week. Now my headaches have started so I went back on the cream and they are gone. I also get an allergy like symptoms that disappear with the cream. I am sleeping better at night. I just wanted to thank you for your help. This information has truly proved to be a GREAT help in my life.” Mary, a registered nurse, Washington, USA
“Thank you so much for helping me. I have started to read your self-help ebook and I love what I have read so far. This info is really going to help me on using and understanding NPC. I can’t thank you enough for thinking about us women when we need the help at these most crucial times. Thanks you again, and thank you for your time.”Lisa, USA
“I sell a natural, water based progesterone cream and I have found that your site is one of the best and most informative and also ‘safest’ sites available.”Diana, PA. USA
“Thank you so much – was just about to email you and let you know that I have finally “arrived” at the inner sanctum of your book! 🙂 I got into the website and only had time to looked briefly so far, but it looks great. Can’t wait to read further. I admire your work and can’t tell you how crucial it is for women – so many women suffering and seeking alternatives from doctor’s deadly drugs. My hat is off to you for helping them Catherine. You are one of the true heroes of our time – or rather heroines of our time! :-)”Robin, New Mexico – Santa Fe, USA
“You cannot imagine how much your insight and concern mean to me. I cannot bear to deal with another doctor or gynie telling me I am imagining these symptoms. Thank you so much for your advice and assistance. I have no doubt that I want to go the natural route. This information is a gift to me as I have searched high and low for the information which I have so readily found in your self-help ebook. Catherine, keep up your wonderful work. This is making such a remarkable impact on the lives of so many woman. Kindest regards and warm wishes.”Cathy
“Thanks for all the work you are doing and thanks for introducing me to a resource which is bringing such an enlightenment in healthcare not to mention the primary means to restoring my health. It is a sterling piece of work you are conducting, thankyou. Peace, love, light”Gail S, UK
“I’m finding your website incredibly up-to-date and helpful, particularly being able to benefit from others’ feedback about realistic dosage, estrogen backlash.”Noelle M.
“I enjoyed your website a lot and got all my questions about natural progesterone answered. Thank you for your efforts and energy to inform women all over the world.”Marianne N.
“Congratulations on your website, I think it is very informative and the ebooks well worth the money. Thank you.”Bev, Aussie in Texas
“Catherine, I am so thankful for your website. I refer ‘lots’ of women to it. Also included it on a list of ‘websites of interest’ when sharing about progesterone.”Sande, Columbus, USA
“I am a RN and have found your site to be absolutely magnificent. I have shared so much of the information with several physicians, colleagues, and friends.”Jane M, RN
“Thank you so much!! I find your website fascinating and educational! I am in the process of bio-identical hormones after getting tested to see what I need. My prescription is at the compounding pharmacy now to be picked up tomorrow. I am 59 and have so many symptoms that I knew was caused by hormone imbalance. No one would listen until I found this great gyn female doctor who recommended it for me!! I did a lot of research but your website is the best!!! Thanks. “Margaret (Peggy) Wiedle
“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your subscription website!!! I know it takes time and work to provide it, and I want you and your staff to know it is a TRUE SOURCE OF HELP!!! You have NO IDEA how your site has helped me to realize I’m not crazy and has helped my husband, TOO!!! You’ve strengthened our family by making this information available. I recommend it to EVERYONE!!!”Robin H. Thorpe, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
“I have been using natural progesterone for 3 weeks now and have noticed a decrease in the redness on my upper chest and face. It is wonderful. I also feel I can focus better and am less tense and “bitchy”. I believe it is definitely doing good things for me. I am so glad for your research, thank you. “Angie, Queensland, Australia
“Dear Catherine, I’m a couple of months on now from my last email, I have since found some great help and have been using progesterone cream as well as other supplements. I feel like a new person and my health is slowly balancing out again. I just wanted to send you a quick thank you – your words really encouraged me to find help when I felt so despondent. Thank you for taking the time to advise me.”Ingrid, United Kingdom
“I just thought I would let you know that I think your e-book is excellent, it is very comprehensive and well researched and helped me tremendously. I still access your site and the e-book to review the information and keep myself up to date although this is not as frequent now because I have managed to control my symptoms with the use of natural progesterone. I do direct other women to your site as and when I encounter them and feel they need some help and I also mentioned your site to my Gynecologist when I asked her why Natural Progesterone wasn’t as widely used in the UK. She told me that it was on its way which is excellent news, she also informed me that there are many women in the town who have problems, so the sooner the better, although I believe it very important for women to research and learn as much as possible to achieve a good understanding as to what to expect and this is one of the reasons I recommend your site. The ebook is well worth it for the information and resources it provides and most of all to read of the experiences of others which is invaluable, as it helps to know we are not alone. Congratulations to You on Your Achievement.”Leslie, United Kingdom
“Thank you so much for all your advise and help. I know I couldn’t do this without you. I feel very confident, and think I am totally equipped now to talk to my doctor.”Ruth, USA
“I look forward to this next step in health care and so appreciate your generosity and kindness in sharing your experience and knowledge. Thank you sincerely from my heart. I feel now I have a direction to head in.”Lesley, Australia
“Catherine, thank you so much for your reply! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much about all of us women out here who need your information!!”Shelley, Sydney, Australia
“Just a note to say after my hysterectomy in 2005, due to fibroids, I was in dire need of hormonal balance. After much experimentation I have comfortably settled on a combination of estrogen patches and natural progesterone cream compounded by the chemist. Thank you so much for your site which gave me initial information to help me with my search. I have passed this information onto others.”Pamela, Australia
“I just wanted to let you know that I had my baby girl! The progesterone cream helped me to have a healthy baby all the way through. I had a super easy birth as well – only 1 hr of active labor. Thank you for all the advice you gave on progesterone cream. Thanks!”Kimberly, USA
My first coaching session with Catherine has been a real eye opener. I have learned so much in one session that I feel I can now confidently move forward with my action plan to improve my hormonal health. I now understand that I can take control of my hormonal health and monitor and manage my hormonal levels without relying on guesswork. I am looking forward to beginning my action plan and will follow up with Catherine as it progresses. In my first session I got such a strong sense of Catherine’s determination to help me with my individual circumstances and all women achieve their best health. She is very easy to talk to and if you are concerned about your hormonal health and don’t know where to start, I would not hesitate to recommend Catherine to you. Thank you Catherine for your guidance, you are a God-send! Michelle, Melbourne, Australia
“You are the only one I found to give practical advice on using the progesterone cream long term. And your suggestions make sense. Please keep doing what you are doing. I am sure you have helped many women. Take care.”Cathy, USA
Catherine has a passion for helping people and it comes through in her coaching. She is extremely knowledgeable in BHRT and is a wealth of information. I wanted some direction on dosing with cream and some explanation of the symptoms I was experiencing on oral dosing – both of these objectives were achieved. I feel empowered because I have the information to move forward and because I know I have a place to bring any future issues/questions. I feel affirmed that I know my body best and I need to listen to what I’m feeling and thinking. I feel so much more at peace because I truly have an advocate that is on my side with my best interest in mind. Looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Catherine through the site and through future coaching sessions as necessary. I’m so glad I found her – what a blessing!! Michele Ashton, Nashville, USA

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