Sourcing Progesterone Cream – What Do I Need To Know?

04 Jul 2015
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Sourcing Progesterone Cream – What Do I Need To Know?

We receive daily emails from women looking to source a quality progesterone cream but who are unsure how to go about it. The questions asked tend to focus on the following areas of concern:   Australian Drug Law The importation of progesterone cream into Australia is PERMITTED for personal use only. In order words, women can legally import biodientical progesterone creams for personal use under the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Personal Importation Scheme. Personal importation occurs when: All therapeutic drugs and products in Australia must first pass through the TGA. The TGA, a Government body established to screen and approve drugs / products intended for the market place, exists.

GP Urges Women To Fight For Their Right To Use Bioidentical Hormones

14 Jan 2009
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Article Date: 06 Jan 2009 Susan Lark, MD, noted medical researcher and women’s health practitioner, is urging women to continue waging a battle against the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) steps to limit their access to bioidentical hormones. Most recently, the FDA sent warning letters to several pharmacies that sell bioidentical hormones, saying that the claims these pharmacies make about the safety and effectiveness of bioidentical hormones are “unsupported by medical evidence, and are considered false and misleading…””I am very concerned that the FDA took this step. Limiting access to bioidenticals could create a potentially disastrous scenario for the millions of women in this country who have entered menopause and.

FDA Declares War on Bioidentical Hormone – Part 2

30 Jan 2008
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How to Stop Wyeth? It’s David and Goliath In the last issue of the Health Watch (Will Wyeth Bully You out of Your Estriol?), I wrote about the drug company Wyeth using the FDA to attack pharmacies that offer natural hormones. I promised I’d let you know if any group called for a specific petition to elected representatives asking the FDA to leave our natural hormones—and specifically estriol—alone. Once again P2C2, an action group for compounding pharmacies, has provided an easy-to-use online petition: Oppose Wyeth & FDA Actions to Limit BHRT Access! I’m not wild about the copy on their petition, so if you have your own point of view.

Huge Victory! Major Legislation Passes without Compounding Restrictions

11 Oct 2007
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Letter from Patients and Professionals for Customized Care At the beginning of the year, Big Pharma stepped up their efforts to get Congress to pass a bill that would have restricted your access to compounded medicines. As you know, we worked hard to try and stop them. Late last month, the bill that would have been the vehicle for anti-compounding legislation passed without any mention of compounding thanks to you. This is great news for patients with unique health needs! With your support, the pharmacy profession and patient groups lobbied Congress aggressively to oppose Big Pharma’s bill. In our meetings on Capitol Hill, we heard directly from members of Congress.

How NIH Misread Hormone Study in 2002

19 Aug 2007
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According to, this article, published on the five year anniversary of federal government health officials announcing that they had halted a major study of menopause hormones, saying the drugs increased a woman’s risk of heart attack by 29%, tells the story of the confusion and controversies that arose (and still remain) from the way a small group chose to “interpret” the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) data. Jacques Rossouw, lead physician who has overseen the WHI since its inception, defends the government’s handling of the study results “based on what we knew at the time,” and says that study officials wanted to make a dramatic statement. “Our main job at.

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