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05 Jul 2015

Progesterone & Menopause A Womans Guide to Using Bioidentical Hormones to Transition Naturally into Menopause During menopause, the main reproductive hormones – estrogen and progesterone – begin to fluctuate, sometimes rapidly. It is this rapid change in hormone levels that appears to cause the symptoms associated with menopause—but it is also the change in the ratio in the levels of hormones that appears to be at the root of these symptoms. This self-help user guide explains what menopause is, and what it is NOT. You’ll learn what you can do to address estrogen dominance, and what you need to consider in terms of hormone balancing as preventative measures again breast.

Fertility Saliva Ovulation Tester

01 Jul 2015
Fertility Saliva Ovulation Tester

The Science Behind Fertility Detectors Saliva fertility testers rely on the fact that as a woman approaches ovulation, her changing hormone levels affect the salts in her saliva, which create a telltale ferning pattern when viewed under the scopes. Saliva-testing microscopes have been sold in Europe for years, and are used there for contraception as well. However authorities in most countries do not allow the saliva testers to advertise themselves as contraceptives. Saliva fertility detectors measure estrogen levels as they rise and fall every cycle to help predict and pinpoint your ovulation. Estrogen levels are controlled by a very complex interplay of hormones within the body that prepare the ovaries.

Constipation & Progesterone Supplementation

12 Mar 2009

Looking After Our Colon Many medical experts today agree that most illness begins in the colon and that the colon may be the single most critical organ in the body. As the colon becomes a stagnant cesspool, failing to move the poisons from food waste out of out of the body on a regular basis, the toxins back up. It is estimated that there are 36 different poisons that come from the colon, and as these accumulate in the bowel over a period of weeks, months or often years, they spread into your liver, gall bladder and other organs; into your blood; into your tissues and finally into your cells..

Bioidentical Hormone Research News – Menopausal Symptoms

01 Oct 2008

Drs. Kenna Stephenson, Anna Kurdowska, and Pierre Neuenschwander recently published a manuscript titled: Transdermal Progesterone: Effects on menopausal symptoms and on thrombotic, anticoagulant, and inflammatory factors in postmenopausal women in the July/August 2008 issue of The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. This research study meets the "gold standard" for scientific investigations because the women were given a placebo (inactive product) or active hormone; both the researchers and the patients did not know whether or not patients received placebo or hormone; and the women were switched to placebo or hormone during the study duration. All of these procedures ensured that the measured changes were related to progesterone and not other factors. .

Menopause Symptoms and Memory Loss

07 Aug 2008

While you may experience the misery of hot flashes and mood swings as you enter menopause, one thing you can’t blame on the “change” is memory loss. In the latest study that exonerates menopause as a cause of impairing the ability to recall, Taiwanese researchers compared the memory of hundreds of women before they had any menopausal symptoms to their memory as they entered menopause. They found the women who were going through the menopausal process scored as well or nearly as well on five different cognitive function tests. Results of the study are to be presented Oct. 4 at the American Neurological Association annual meeting in Toronto. “When women.

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