Self-Test Hormone Kits

03 Feb 2016
Self-Test Hormone Kits

ORDER online - convenient home collection, accurate, inexpensive, Saliva & Bloodspot testing provides true picture of bioavailable steroid hormones.

Does overdosing pose a health risk?

29 Jun 2014
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Does overdosing pose a health risk?

Is it better to overdose than under-dose? Is a 'one size fits all' approach to BHRT realistic?

Breast Health Research

10 Dec 2010

1. – Progesterone receptor A-regulated gene expression in mammary organoid cultures. Santos SJ, Aupperlee MD, Xie J, Durairaj S, Miksicek R, Conrad SE, Leipprandt JR, Tan YS, Schwartz RC, Haslam SZ.  J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2009;115(3-5):161-72.  This experimental study used breast cells from mice, cultured in vitro. First, the behavior of the cells was compared after exposure to either progesterone or the synthetic progestin, promogestone. After seeing similar proliferation with both progestogens, they then went on to conduct gene expression studies (again in the mouse mammary cells) using only the promogestone. They found that certain genes were activated by the promogestone, and these were regulated by progesterone receptor A,.

Good Reading Guide

04 Jul 2010

The following books are highly recommended by this Network, and are currently available online via or good bookstores in your area: Widgets

Use the Power of Healthy Hormones to Reboot Your Sex Life – At Any Age

20 Jun 2010

Get “In the Mood Again” by Making Just a Few Simple Changes in Your Lifestyle Surveys report that over 40 million Americans live in a no-sex or low-sex marriage! For those Americans, lovemaking is increasingly infrequent and, on the rare occasion they do have sex, it just isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Many people blame their dwindling sex drive on age, stress, weight gain, and fatigue. They are resigned to a sex-less life. The dynamic husband and wife team Genie James, M.M.Sc. and C.W. Randolph, Jr., M.D. are natural hormone health experts who offer, not only hope, but a solution for such couples with their latest.

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