Dr George YuDr George Yu Shares His Insights and Experience using Bioidentical Hormones to Address Imbalance through Menopause and Andropause

Last week, in what was a unique and empowering opportunity, I had the pleasure of interviewing the esteemed Dr George Yu.

Dr Yu has been practicing medicine and surgery for 35 years in the institutional and private sectors. He is senior physician at Aegis Medical & Research Associates in Annapolis, Maryland, and Clinical Professor of Urological Surgery at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Presently he practices medicine focusing on sex hormone endocrinology, nutrition and digestion, and preventative medicine.

Dr Yu’s impressive CV can be downloaded from his website TotallyYu.com.


The following podcast with Dr George Yu was recorded by Catherine Rollins in Melbourne, Australia on October 19, 2015

Women and men today are enjoying longer lives than they did in the past. We can, at Menopause (and Andropause), look forward to roughly another 30-40-50 years on this planet. So how we manage our aging will dictate the quality of life we enjoy during this time.

What part, therefore, does hormone balancing (using bioidentical hormones) play in protecting our bones, breasts, prostate, muscles, brain and heart health in the big picture of disease prevention.

Discussion topics include:

  • Dr George Yu – An Introduction
  • Testosterone Safety in Prostate Health
  • Natural Menopause/Andropause, and Testosterone Replacement for Women
  • The Part Progesterone Plays in Breast Health
  • Promoting BHRT, Raising Awareness of Men’s Hormonal Health
  • BHRT Safety, Practitioner Upskilling, Giving Women A Choice
  • Physiological Dosing, Tailored Care, and BHRT Delivery Systems Available
  • Hormone Supplementation, Importance of Liver Care and Colon Cleansing
  • Recognizing & Treating An Underactive Thyroid
  • Mobilizing Toxins in Fat Cells Using Niacin, Sauna & Activated Charcoal
  • Benefits of Caloric Restriction, Intermittent Fasting, and Nutrition


Listen to Podcast

Dr George Yu Podcast with Catherine Rollins on Nov 19, 2015


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