Your Guide to Using Bioidentical Progesterone Cream to Facilitate Fertility and Support Pregnancy

Of all female hormones, progesterone is the one most essential for conception and to the survival of the fertilized egg and the fetus throughout gestation.


  • Progesterone & Progesterone: A Guide to Using Bioidentical Progesterone to Facilitate Fertility and Support PregnancyHelps to regulate the menstrual cycle
  • Prepares the lining of the uterus for implantation
  • Keeps the lining of the uterus thick which is necessary for a successful pregnancy
  • Produces a rise in temperature after ovulation, which remains until menstruation occurs
  • Creates a nutrient rich environment for the baby by increasing glycogen and arterial blood to the lining of the uterus
  • Keeps the uterus from having contractions
  • Causes the cervix to thicken and create a mucous plug which prevents bacteria from entering the uterus
  • Influences the development of the breasts during pregnancy in preparation for producing milk after the birth
“”I just wanted to let you know that I had my baby girl! The progesterone cream helped me to have a healthy baby all the way through. I had a super easy birth as well – only 1 hr of active labor. Thank you, Catherine, for all the advice you gave on progesterone cream.– Kimberly, USA
“My highly popular ebook ‘Progesterone & Pregnancy’ – like all my published self-help guides – was written with YOU – the consumer – in mind. Fifteen years supporting & advocating for women’s choice of bioidentical hormones, the last three guiding my two daughters and women like Kimberley through successful pregnancies using bioidentical progesterone, I came to the realisation an ebook needed to be written to capture our success … and what we were learning on this journey. This ebook is dedicated to my five ‘progesterone’ grandbabies – Marli, Hendrix, Owen, Zavier & Zeplin Catherine P. Rollins, Founder & CEO,

Step-By-Step Guide

This self-help consumer guide is based on tried and tested suggestions reported by women who’ve successfully incorporated supplemental bioidentical progesterone to enhance their fertility and protect mother & child against complications during pregnancy.

It steps you through how to use progesterone supplementation to trigger ovulation and, once conception is confirmed, continue daily usage until at least half-way through the second trimester. Women with a history of ‘high risk’ pregnancies are encouraged to continue progesterone supplementation up until delivery.

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