I reckon I am the oldest woman on Progesterone Cream!

To the question how long should a woman use progesterone cream, I give you the following delightful and somewhat colourful testimonial provided by “Joy” aged over 80.

Actually, Catherine, I wanted to tell you something that happened quite recently.

I had omitted to use my Cream and probably due to my great age I had forgotten about it! Amazing after using it so long.

Anyway I suddenly had some spotting….. Of course I went to my gynae. I don’t like the woman at all but one has to put up with them and prefer a man to a woman.

I actually told her I WAS CONVINCED it was because I had stopped using the Progesterone cream. She pooh poohed it as I expected her to! I went through excruciating examination which almost had me passing out with pain as I suffer from bone-on-bone arthritis of the knee which was hoiked up in a blasted stirrup! She finished her tests and I got a letter telling me everything was fine!

Two weeks passed and she wrote again saying it would be in ‘my interest to contact her surgery with a view to further examination …’ I thought bullshit to that! Writing that it was all clear one minute and the next that I should do further tests – when she had DONE THEM ALL!

Anyway I started the cream immediately again. NO spotting after that at all. So that’s how I KNOW the cream works! Never any need to tell me that after that lark. SHE was after $$$$$$ and is known to do her best to keep patients going back and forth for the money she charges. $500 for ten minutes…

I realize the cream is mostly targeted to young women. Well I am just past 80! My face has few lines. My hair is thick. I was having great sex until 74! Would not have stopped had HE not buggered off to Kuwait on a lengthy teaching contract… so I reckon I am perhaps the oldest woman on Progesterone cream!

Here’s a bit more: A friend of mine first put me on to this cream. Gave me an article written by an English woman living in France on Progesterone cream, and Dr John Lee and his book WHAT YOUR DOC WON’T TELL YOU etc. I became interested. I went to a lot of bother to trace the lady in France as she was at that point selling from her home this cream. It was years and years ago. Anyway this friend who told me all about the cream in the first place, went to Los Angeles for a holiday. THERE IN THE STREET WAS A POSTER on Dr John Lee giving a conference THAT SAME EVENING. Betty decided to go to it. Once there she went to the podium and spoke to Dr Lee himself. She asked him, ‘ What about you Dr Lee. Are you also using the cream?’ He replied. ‘Yes I am. Most certainly. I don’t want to get PROSTATE CANCER!!!’

I have lived in Switzerland since 1959.

All for now but just thought you might be interested in the above.

How I came to your site yesterday I shall never know …

Best to you,