For women entering menopause, erratic periods go with the territory. Some women report intermittent bleeding that goes on for years, others tell of how their period just stopped all of a sudden. So progesterone isn?t really going to regulate monthly bleeding when Mother Nature is signalling the end of your reproductive years.

What progesterone supplementation can do, however, is make the going a little easier. Using a calendar month, apply cream 3 weeks out of 4, breaking from cream for 7 days (20mg usually sufficient if asymptomatic, higher doses if not). Perhaps incorporate vitamins and phytoestrogen supplements, and address your stress levels.

If you have numerous estrogen dominance symptoms then you will need to work on higher doses to bring symptoms under control. 32mg appears to be a comfortable dose for most.

A lot of women benefit immensely by incorporating Vitex into their program, particularly when experiencing extremes of wandering periods. It seems to assist in balancing and regulation, along with many of its other medicinal and traditional benefits.