Exclusive: What You Have To Do To Conquer Hormone Imbalance …

From the Compassionate Expert Who’s Helped 1,000’s of Women Become Healed


The Most Amazing Part …


This Controversial Letter Reveals The

Unknown Secret to Escaping Hormone Hell


Secrets that could be THE Missing Link To

YOUR Biggest Health Challenges…

Like Infertility. Miscarriage. PCOS. Menopause. Migraines.

Mad PMS. Estrogen Dominance. Weight Gain…

And So Much More

Dear Suffering Sister,

Forget everything you’ve ever learned about how difficult it is to achieve harmonious health, get pregnant, stay pregnant, escape the turmoil of Menopause and PCOS, and even alleviate your PMS symptoms likes migraines, aches and pains.

And just answer these 3 simple questions:

Are you caught in a constant battle to balance your hormones?

Are you letting your hormone imbalance and all the pain, and emotional anguish that it creates take control of your life?

And are you tired of all the natural (and unnatural) hormone solutions that don’t work, the latest ‘medical cures’ that promise success – only to leave you seething with ….

Frustration? Disappointment? And Heartache?

You’re not alone.

And it’s clearly not your fault.

Because your hormones can tip out of balance for any number of reasons …

… Side effects pharmaceutical companies fail to mention-that pharmacists don’t know to warn you about. Medications that affected both you, and your mother.

… Exposure to toxins and preservatives, in the air and your food.

… From health professionals doing their best to help you overcome one problem, only to create another.

… and yes, even your genetics.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter WHY your hormones went out of whack …

… What matters is that you’re looking for the safest, fastest and easiest way to heal your imbalance today so you regain control of the power you hold over your body.


Because like me, you know that all the problems your hormone imbalance is causing you (I’m sure you can think of at least a few right now) will only get worse …

Unless you stop and take action now.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been where you’re sitting right now.

For year’s I let hormone hell control my life.

So I know the “Downward Spiral” women like us face …
Everytime we “think” we find something that will work.

Only to be left out in the cold, dark night-without any answers.

Feeling hopeless. Confused. And ready to pull your hair out because of all of the conflicting answers from doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and even natural (bioidentical) progesterone cream companies.

So I know how to help you uncover the TRUE reason why you’re suffering.

… how to help you understand the root cause of your symptoms, and pull it out like a bad weed in a rose garden.
… And I know how to help you become empowered-to restore your health-to speak to your doctor or gynie-and begin to feel better, one simple step at a time.


You see, just like you, I have a story.

My becoming one of the top Hormone Health Wellness Coaches in Australia didn’t happen by accident.

In fact, it’s only because of a lack of ‘hidden information’ your doctor and drug companies aren’t sharing with you, that I’ve been blessed to help so many women who struggle with progesterone related devastation—like miscarriage, infertility, luteal phase defect, PCOS, menopause, PMS, extreme menstrual pain, impossible weight battles, skin blemishes, immune challenges, sleep deficiencies, exhaustion, — and yes, even the ‘unexplained symptoms’.

The Searing Pain Felt Unbearable, Like a Hot Poker Ripping through My Abdomen …

Diarrhoea, vomiting and excruciating abdominal pain was so unbearable, it would take me to the brink of collapse.

I have no memory of these “period problems” until around age 18 when mum grew concerned and took me to see a specialist.

The specialist prescribed “The Pill” to artificially regulate my period, reduce unsightly acne and facial hair, and ease my suffering
It wasn’t long before side effects relating to The Pill created more damage than good.

I had to stop taking it.

I didn’t realize the coincidence at the time, but my hormonal hell continued right up until I was 22—I moved away from home (and neighboring cluster of petrochemical companies where I also worked). My journey took me to Perth, Western Australia. And then, California.

I was amazed, when just four years later, my periods settled down, and I got my life back. (Or so I thought).

I married in Oceanside, California and, two years later, in 1984, gave birth to my son, John. While still breastfeeding John, I fell pregnant, and returned home to Australia to give birth to my daughter, Dominique in 1985.

My third child Cara was born in 1989, healthy in every respect but “special” in that she was born with an extra toe on her left foot!

Her pregnancy was riddled with problem, after problem, all leading up to the moment the doctor said those fateful words, “Catherine…I’m sorry…But you shouldn’t have any more children.”


At age 30, two months after Cara was born, I was admitted for a tubal ligation.

And that’s when I began to live a daily hormone hell.

By the time Cara celebrated her first birthday, debilitating fatigue, hair loss, panic attacks, missed periods—all caused by me severe hormone imbalance—were tearing my life apart.

I felt alienated.
Tears came easily.

Because (as weird as this may sound, maybe you can relate!) even after three pregnancies, my hormones were a mystery to me.

Back then, “it” just wasn’t talked about.

Your only support was at the local women’s clinic, so that’s where I headed.

Of course, you know what happened.

Immediately, a female doctor started me on “The Pill” … again.


The pill failed to relieve symptoms (like before).
So I was prescribed estrogen patches coupled with Provera (synthetic progestin) tables.

Symptoms only grew worse.

Their Solution?
Ramp up the dosage by implanting estrogen — and now testosterone—pallets into my backside.
Of course, Provera was prescribed again to “protect my uterus”.

As you can imagine, that level of synthetic HRT resulted in continued screenings for cervical cancer, uterine cancer — and a mammogram (to investigate a suspicious lump in my breast).

I asked. No one answered. I questioned. My doctor didn’t know what to say.
I knew I had to find out. And I knew I had to give us a voice.


You see…
HRT was (unbeknownst to me at the time) ruining my life.

By October 1996, around the time I was hospitalized for a D&C to resolve thickening of the endometrium and to correct cervical erosion (both known side effects of HRT), a work colleague dropped a book in my lap titled, ‘Passage to Power’ by Leslie Kenton.

Leslie’s book referred constantly to Dr. Lee and a “wonder cream” called natural progesterone.

Of course, I began to panic.

I sensed I was in trouble. Women’s intuition kicked in, and I KNEW HRT was slowly poisoning my body. And all of the confronting, medically backed information I was uncovering through publications like Passage to Power left me feeling frightened.

Still, after immediately hounding countless health food stores for a jar of this natural progesterone cream, I felt frustrated.

None could be found.

That’s when it happened.
I realized that the esteemed Dr. John Lee was in Melbourne lecturing on natural progesterone and women’s health. I made it a point to be in the audience.

As I sat and watched — fidgeting nervously as I digested every word Dr. Lee spoke — I felt panicked.

I was sitting on a ticking time bomb — and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.
(Because implants, once stitched into your backside, are not easily removed.)

Yet every fiber in my being was telling me it was burdened by these not-natural-to-the-body hormones, and all I could do was watch how things panned out.

In my desperate stateI sent up a silent,

fervent request, there and then …

“If you’ll help me find a way out of this mess, I will

dedicate myself to helping other women understand

what’s really going on … and avoid a similar plight.”

In answer to my heart-felt desire to get better, a local source of natural progesterone cream opened up to me. I began applying it directly to my breasts, changed my diet, began exercising, and mustered up a mountains worth of courage to line up for that dreaded mammogram. The results came back all clear. The lump had disappeared!


My end of the bargain was to spread the word. So that’s what I did.

I jumped on the Internet to research “real” natural progesterone cream, found a local distributor, and helped to make natural progesterone cream available to other women in Australia.

I learned, in the process, that there was a sea of MISinformation out there (largely populated by drug companies) that I had to get savvy with – and fast!!

I held workshops everywhere women would listen.

Lounge rooms … support groups, everywhere …

I funded a seminar in Geelong featuring Sherrill Sellman, author of ‘Hormone Heresy’.

I put together an info pack and posted these out to women absorbing the cost myself.

I ordered a box of Dr. Lee’s book, ‘What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause’ and sold these at cost to make sure it made it into the hands of anyone who needed it.

I made contact by phone with Dr. John Lee in the USA, using our long distance conversations to get the answers to questions other women with serious health problems presented me with.

He was always gracious…
Putting aside his private affairs, day or night, to lend an ear or extend his medical expertise to women like me who (I guess you could say) “hounded him for information”.

Thanks to Dr Lee’s participation in providing the initial information you now see on this free Advisory Network, this truly remarkable man’s legacy will live beyond his death — and continue to provide women like us with the information we so desperately need.


When I discovered that stories such as mine are horribly common, I made a promise:

No-one should have to suffer like I did in ignorance and isolation.

I would make freely available the information and research I had amassed in a format that would make sense to everyone.

I would offer support and advice to anyone who needs it.

I would connect people everywhere with health care professionals if possible who would respect their condition and their choices.

I would make sure that women can find safer, natural alternatives to artificial, not-natural-to-the-body hormone replacement therapy.

To that end, I subsequently founded and privately funded the Natural-Progesterone-Advisory-Network.com website you see today.


It wasn’t long into my progesterone journey that I received a “cease and desist” letter from the Therapeutics Goods Administration (Australia’s equivalent of the FDA) threatening $100,000 fines if I did not stop making health claims associated with the sale of progesterone cream.

They said, “You can sell your cream … you just can’t tell the whole truth.”

In other words, I and other distributors like me could sell progesterone cream, we just weren’t permitted to educate female consumers that the “cosmetic” cream they were purchasing contained a “hormone” that would have an impact on their health.

Terrifying …
the power a tiny group of minds can have over 50% of our populations bodies, isn’t it?

As you can imagine, this was a turning point for me.
The moment of personal truth and fearlessness.

It made me stop and think:

What exactly WAS my ‘higher’ objective.
Was it to sell cream?
Or was my mission, passion and purpose to get the (mis)information about progesterone out there?

And would I allow intimidation – then, and to come – to destabilize my sense of purpose?

Well, you know how this story ends.

I walked away from my progesterone cream business to focus on bridging the gap in education, providing a “safe haven” for women, developing a substantial and, importantly, impartial knowledgebase women and healthcare professionals could trust.

Now nearly two decades after I made that bold, yet critically important decision — here I am talking to you …

I continue to research every day to bring you the most up-to-date knowledge available about bioidentical (natural) progesterone.

100% unbiased. 100% backed by studies. 100% for women like us.

(I don’t sell or promote or support any specific type of bio-identical progesterone cream. That’s right. I’m 100% independent …)

So my mission continues.

More now than ever, I want women of the world to be taken seriously, and stand up so we can save your sanity … your health … and often your life!

And that’s where I can help you …

… Get the Real No Bologna Facts on How You Can Overcome Your Hormone Hell with the Help of Natural Bio-identical Progesterone (And a few other easy to follow natural health tricks)

Announcing the First Education Center Devoted to

Achieving Optimal Wellness

For Women Ready to Say “So Long” to the Symptoms and Health Problems

Created By Hormone Imbalance


I’m Sure You’ll Understand

Why I Feel So Excited Right Now

When You See

What AMAZING Women Like You Are Saying…

I had my baby girl! … Only 1 hr of active labor
I just wanted to let you know that I had my baby girl! The progesterone cream helped me to have a healthy baby all the way through. I had a super easy birth as well – only 1 hr of active labor. Thank you for all the advice you gave on progesterone cream. Thanks! – Kimberly, USA

I feel like a new person … my health is balancing out again
Dear Catherine, I’m a couple of months on now from my last email, I have since found some great help and have been using progesterone cream as well as other supplements. I feel like a new person and my health is slowly balancing out again. I just wanted to send you a quick thank you – your words really encouraged me to find help when I felt so despondent.
Thank you for taking the time to advise me. – Ingrid, United Kingdom

I cannot bear to deal with another doctor or gynie telling me I am imagining these symptoms … this is making a remarkable impact
You cannot imagine how much your insight and concern mean to me. I cannot bear to deal with another doctor or gynie telling me I am imagining these symptoms. Thank you so much for your advice and assistance. I have no doubt that I want to go the natural route. This information is a gift to me as I have searched high and low for the information which I have so readily found in your self-help ebook. Catherine, keep up your wonderful work. Kindest regards and warm wishes.
This is making such a remarkable impact on the lives of so many woman. – Cathy


By Now You’re Probably Curious to Know …

What Exactly Will I Get in my monthly ‘Coaching’ Pack

And How Can It Help Me

Overcome My Biggest Hormone Problems

In Just a Few Short Months?

Beyond the fact that when you sign up today…

You’ll get instant access to the Friendship Forum – a community of like-minded women who understand your struggles, where you can learn the Most POWERFUL Secrets, Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques that have ever been written (or spoken) on the subject of balancing out your hormones (and saying goodbye to your problems) you can expect this:

You’ll discover …

How to avoid the most commonly overlooked ‘health hazards’ associated with rebalancing your hormones (get this right, and you’re half way there)

  • The secret to measuring your hormones at home (because you don’t want to play mad scientist with your body!)
  • How to talk to your doctor (what to say, when to say it, and when to find a doctor who “Gets It”)
  • Your Healthy Hormone Management Plan: Especially vital if you’re trying to taper off of the medications making you sick in the first place!
  • Which fabulous foods you should ADD to your eating plan if you want to begin experiencing boundless energy that helps you feel better this week!
  • What to do if you begin to feel worse, before you feel better
  • How to speak to your doctor (what to say, when—and how to identify if it’s time to look for someone who “Gets It”)
  • The most up-to-date research on how to rebalance your hormones, naturally (so you can quickly and easily realize which steps to take first, second…and last)

But Catherine …

When I sign up

I’ll login and see all of this

information … today …


Won’t I feel overwhelmed?

How will I know where to start?


Great question!

I know you’re busy, just like me … so I’ve invested years making sure you gain a solid foundation of truth without feeling overwhelmed.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Gain a Solid Foundation with The Welcome Packet

I know from personal experience that understanding how to make progesterone work with your body is not only frustrating – it can be terrifying.

You don’t want to experiment on yourself.
And you don’t want to make a mistake.

That’s why I created 2 easy-to-read and implement (medical research backed) ebooks to give you a solid foundation…a ‘where to begin’ if you might imagine:

Welcome Packet Book #1: “Natural Progesterone: 10 THINGS Every Woman Should Know About Natural Progesterone”

Some women call this the “Natural Progesterone Bible” and rightly so, because it takes you on a deep-dive into …

  • The myths behind ‘estrogen dominance’
  • How to balance estrogen using natural progesterone
  • The most commonly overlooked dangers of a ‘one size fits all approach’ to bioidentical (natural) progesterone
  • How to “test” your way into your optimal level
  • What your doctor isn’t telling you (and why)
  • Why self-medicating is okay
  • What clinical studies and medical research have to say (so you get it right the first time!)
  • Your best delivery method (based on decades of research – will you be a cream – girl, pill-pro, or a ‘oil only’ gal?)
  • How to get a well-deserved prescription for your doctor (if you so choose!)
  • The Time-Tested Formula for Ultimate Hormone Harmony
  • Your Most Critical “Next Steps”
  • Plus ANSWERS to your closet-questions (you know, those you’re too afraid to ask your doctor and friends) about progesterone and cancer … progesterone and men … and what to do if you don’t get the results and relief you want the first time.

By the time you’ve finished you’ll know more about your body than you’ve ever imagined, so you can regain control of your life – and begin experiencing relief!


Natural Progesterone: 10 THINGS Every Woman Should Know About Natural ProgesteroneA Woman's Guide to Using Natural Progesterone


Welcome Packet Book #2: “A Woman’s COMPLETE Guide to Using Natural Progesterone”

Ever worry that you’ll ‘do it wrong’? It’s only because you can’t know what you don’t already know! But by the time you’ve finished reading this strategic ‘tell you exactly what to watch for…and what to do’ guide, I promise you will!

Because by the time you’ve finished your reading journey, you’ll realize …

  • How to avoid progesterone side-effects
  • The New Age approach to HRT—and the natural solution that gives you amazing results, without the risk of cancer
  • Why you really need progesterone (and how not to upset the receptors that must receive it!)
  • The dangers of chemically altering hormones (and what you should do instead to see results even faster)
  • What to do about progesterone deficient teens
  • The secret to getting your doctor on your side (so they stop being cautious about the natural approach, and begin helping you experience relief…faster and faster and faster)
  • How to find a healthcare professional that will support your self-empowered approach
  • The most effective way to use progesterone cream
  • When to take breaks from progesterone (especially important if you’re in menopause)
  • What to do if you take progesterone and begin to feel funny (or have so much energy, and happiness that you simply can’t handle it!)
  • Plus we’ll bust open the myths about where to apply the cream to your body…when to start using it…and what to watch for to make sure you’ve chosen the right cream for you

After you’ve finished these two deep-dives into everything you’ll need to know to get started…you may want to revisit the community to dig even deeper…because you’ll finally be prepared to ask the questions you didn’t realize you needed to ask!

Step 2: Watch Your Wellness, Unlocked Weekly Education Video

In Order to guarantee that you don’t feel overwhelmed, Now or ever — you’ll get additional content added every week — starting with Your Wellness, Unlocked Weekly Education Video.

Your weekly coaching video will walk you through insider insights, studies and reports in ‘laymens terms’, often providing a critical step by step plan you can begin putting into practice immediately — so you begin healing your body 1 easy step at a time.

Step 3: Listen to Your Actionable Insights Audio Recording

natural-progesterone-advisory-network-audioIf you love to learn and laugh by listening, then you’ll enjoy the actionable advise and anecdotes shared every week …

Because every week experts around the world, and myself, cover the most commonly overlooked questions about progesterone cream plus new insights into how you can best use it (and other natural tactics) to mitigate your worst health nightmares …

Step 4: Read Your Weekly Breakthrough to Better Health Newsletter

If knowledge is power than the Breakthrough the Better Health Newsletter makes you a goddess …

Because this weekly guide reveals the most up-to-the-minute research and findings when they’re released, and then breaks them down into an actionable plan that tells you what to change in your routine…so you make progress toward achieving your whole health goals…quickly and easily!

Plus we’ll cover insightful topics like What’s Working Now, What to Stop, Natural Ways to Boost Your Health and New Question to Ask Your Doctor About Progesterone.

So instead of hours of wasted research, forcing yourself to stay awake as you read research piece, after research piece—you’ll get only what’s relevant to you—meaning you can spend your Saturday doing what you love most, not worrying about how to fix your hormone problem!

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Step 5: Regularly Share, Post, and Ask Questions in the Natural Progesterone Advisory Friendship Forum

Here’s where you’ll want to ask your most troubling questions.

Plus share ideas and gain insight, inspiration and support from like minded soul sisters.

Many women say this camaraderie has seen them through tough times, and created lasting life-long friendships that they’d never have imagined …

There’s even actionable advice about how much cream to use of each, how often, if you’re looking to gently eliminate your most painful and problematic symptoms and frustrations.

The Bottom Line: You’ll feel uplifted, enlightened — and most importantly — empowered to approach any medical expert about how you can integrate natural progesterone into your daily routine…

This is critical if you’re looking to avoid (or even minimize) the health destroying side effects of prescription drugs.

FAST-ACTION BONUS: The Deep-Dive e-Guide

I love to roll-out new e-guides that help women like you and I end their struggle with hormone imbalance.

As you may already know, people are happy to pay for these Deep-Dive e-Guides … up to $20 each!

And these guides aren’t just about progesterone.
They’re about fixing what needs fixed …

You’ll receive guides about:

  • Progesterone and How to Enhance Fertility and Support a Successful Pregnancy
  • Progesterone and How to Stop Surviving and Start Thriving through Menopause
  • The 60 Day Guide to PCOS
  • The 60 Day Guide to No More Migraines
  • And more!

So you may be surprised to discover that you’ll get access to my newest, and most up to date copy of ALL of my Deep-Dive e-Guides as they are re-released to the public, 100% FREE! For as long as you’re a member.

Most women find that this 3-pronged approach …

  • Solid Foundation – the Welcome Pack e-Guides
  • Easy to Understand Building Blocks – the Weekly Video, Audio and Newsletter
  • Plus a Sisterhood of Uplifting Support – the Natural Progesterone Advisory Friendship Forum

… is the best way imaginable to gain all the information you need to reclaim your power, and begin to unlock health, happiness and harmony.

Catherine, you are awesome! You are, in person, exactly who I imagined you to be – caring, compassionate, and you know your stuff. You are the real thing! I walked away with a solid appreciation of my symptoms, why I wasn’t getting results from my progesterone cream, and how to take control of my hormones. ~ Chris, Torquay, Australia

Catherine, thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much about all of us women out here who need your information!! ~ Shelley, Sydney, Australia

Thank you so much for all your advice and help. I know I couldn’t do this without you. I feel very confident, and think I am totally equipped now to talk to my doctor. ~ Ruth, USA

So you can forget everything you’ve ever learned about “how difficult it is to (fill in your own worst nightmare) because of your hormone imbalance…”

Because within moments after you join me today, you’ll hold in your hands the foundational secrets on how to beat your worst symptoms and ailments…without resorting to more pills, fake hormones, and cancer-causing treatments.

Truth is…ALL The Most POWERFUL Secrets, Tips, Tricks, Tools & Techniques That Have EVER Been Written (or Spoken) on the Subject of Natural Progesterone Cream & How to Make it Work for You (easily) Are Included in This No Holds Barred Membership…

It’s easy to see why I’d feel so excited for you, just moments before you get your hands on this 100% complete package that empowers ANYONE to understand what’s wrong, and fix it, in just a few short months…

What’s really exciting?

Because we keep our overhead razor-thin, I can offer it for a monthly investment I’m sure you’ll be happy to afford.

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Are you ready to finally stop suffering from hormone related challenges like these …

  • Inability to conceive a baby, no matter what or ‘how hard’ you try
  • The devastation of miscarriage or 2nd term loss of a baby
  • Unpredictable or extremely long menstrual cycles
  • Searingly painful premenstrual symptoms
  • Hot flashes that make you wonder if your bodies on fire
  • Symptoms of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Symptoms of Luteal Phase Defect
  • Painful or Unpredictable Menstrual Cycles
  • Moodiness, Sadness and Exhaustion
  • Severe headaches
  • Tender breasts
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling despondent because your doctors says “you’re imagining your symptoms” and you know “something is just not right”
  • Even cancer

Please don’t put this off. You can see by what other people are saying that this is truly and honestly the real thing. If you’re serious about reclaiming your health, happiness, harmony and becoming truly empowered…as I am about walking with you until you achieve your goals…then you’ll want to stop hoping your body heals miraculously…and take action just as soon as possible – you’ll begin to feel the results almost immediately…

There’s no greater wealth of information that’s designed for easy implementation on Natural Progesterone to eliminate your most problematic, hormone-related pain and anguish…anywhere on the planet.

Believe me, every week as I do my research, I look!

Get the uplifting support, knowledge and know-how you need to make your dreams of having a baby, having happier PMS cycles, having a joyous Menopause, or simply experiencing boundless health—possible.

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You’ll get instant access to your Welcome Packet and the Natural Progesterone Advisor Friendship Board where you can ask questions – and get answers – from like-minded women who understand what you’re going through ….

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Don’t let hormones rule your life. Take back your power … today.

Catherine P Rollins, Founder & CEO
In love & appreciation,
Catherine P. Rollins
Founder & CEO
Ethically Supporting Women’s Choice of BHRT Since 2001

P.S. How will you know how to be truly successful with natural progesterone cream unless you have this information? How will you know if you have just missed out on the most uplifting, inspiring group of like-minded women … your kindred sister spirits … unless you try it now.

P.P.S. Remember, you have no-risk. If you want to try it out to see what it’s like, I’ll cheerfully provide you a refund the moment you ask! Because I believe … and I know … that this is the most powerful resource for women like us on the planet. Bar-none. Isn’t that alone worth a peek?

P.P.P.S. Just one more thing …
The sooner you start this LAST STEP on your final journey to uncover how to heal your hormone hell, the faster you’ll begin to feel better. I’m sure you can agree that’s reason enough to get started now!

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