Self-Test Hormone Kits

Did You Know You Can Self-Test Your Hormones at Home?

Convenient home collection, accurate, and inexpensive, Saliva testing provides a true picture of the bioavailable levels of steroid hormones. Blood Spot Testing offers an easy, finger-stick alternative to blood draws in the doctor’s office.

Combine both Saliva and Blood Spot test materials in an all-in-one test kit for easy home collection of the major hormone groups— reproductive, adrenal, and thyroid – on the same day at the optimal time.

What Do Self-Test Kits Contain?

Test Your Homones in the comfort of your home

  • Full instructions on how and when to collect your saliva sample.
  • Sterile collection tube with an identification label.
  • An information booklet for better understanding of salivary/bloodspot hormones is included.
  • A client card to record your details and any symptoms.

Samples are sent to the respective lab for testing, and test results are sent to you generally within 10 working days. All reports and client details remain confidential at all times. Test results are provided in a report format that compares hormone levels to age and gender specific hormone ranges.

Regular monitoring of hormone levels allows you to determine when and how to use healthcare professionals to help you manage your health.


How Do You Order a Test Kit?

This Advisory Network highly recommends the online self test kits listed below. Kits include prepaid shipping.

Click on any of the links below to place your order today.



Female & Male – Australian Orders


  • Home Hormone Test Kit – Findings & Pre-Paid Sample Return Shipping
  • Testing kits can be used to measure levels of the following hormones:

    E1 (estrone) | E2 (estradiol) | E3 (estriol) | Progesterone | Testosterone | DHEA | Cortisol | Melatonin | Androstenedione | DHT

The standard kit has one collection tube and is used for the collection in the morning. This kit is prepaid to any two hormones selected. Any number above the two hormones is charged at $22 +GST per hormone. Balance is to be paid to lab on return of sample.

Delivery is approximately 7 days. Results will be emailed to you.

Aquarian Industries (kits) recently received a ‘Certificate of Proficiency’ for the measurement of saliva hormones. Bi-yearly samples are received as part of a worldwide Quality Assurance Program (QAP). These are tested and the results submitted. These results are then checked for accuracy and compared to all other participating laboratories. Certificates are only supplied if ALL analytes measured meet the quality criteria.

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