Hi Catherine,

My name is Tiffany and I have struggled with infertility for over five years.

For four years my husband and I had unexplained infertility as we were told by our doctor’s. We tried a lot of things but nothing worked for those four years.

My Reproductive Specialist discovered in year five that I had multiple fibroids in my uterus and recommened I have surgery to remove them to increase my chances of getting pregnant. I was more than happy to have the surgery since I really wanted to have a baby.

I had the surgery in October of 2007 and, in February which was the second month of ttc, I fell pregnant. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in miscarriage. It was very heart-breaking for us but we were encouraged that we could get pregnant.

We starting trying again right away. In the meantime, I began to research what causes fibroids, and made a lot of changes in my life.

I starting exercising, cut out bread and sweets (white flour and sugar are suspected in making fibroids grow). I starting eating more organic meats, fruits and vegetables and lost about 20 lbs.

The month that I lost 20 lbs from diet and exercise, I began using some natural progesterone cream.

Within two weeks I was pregnant!

I am pregnant as I send this email, and everything is going great!. I know now that I had a hormonal imbalance. Fibroids weren’t discovered in my uterus until about five years and they typically grow because of hormonal imbalance. I know natural progesterone balanced my hormones.

I feel great! No morning sickness, and I can barely even tell I’m pregnant. I’m going to continue to use this cream until my 38th week.

I will use this cream for my next pregnancies and probably for the rest of my life!

Thanks for the opportunity,