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It’s been considerable time since I last posted to my blog.

My website was pushed to the background to nurse my beautiful father who on March 9 2017 passed away after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer.

During one particularly awful episode in the hospital a few years before, dad on his recovery expressed his wish to die at home in his own bed. I’m one of seven siblings, now all in our 50-60s, who out of a tremendous love for dad and mum came together to make that happen.

In dad’s final weeks, my husband and I, together with my two sisters, took time from our jobs to provide round-the-clock palliative care at home, and, of course, to support our distraught mum.

Dad (lovingly called Jacko!) was my hero. He was a mountain of a man in every sense of the word, his ilk extremely rare. I could talk with Jacko about any and everything, typically down in his garage as he tinkered away. He was a boat-builder by trade, and his love of the ocean is his gift to me. Dad’s capacity to love, to always meet people with a smile, to forgive and grow, there could be no finer mentor in my life.

Sitting by dad’s side, watching his laboured breathing in those final hours was excruciatingly painful. Our 1.30am check on mum and dad found mum holding dad’s hand, inconsolable. Dad had passed peacefully with mum beside him.

We prepared dad’s body for the District Nurses, who finalised things and formally pronounced his death. Hours later, as the family gathered, the undertakers arrived. They wrap dad’s body in a shroud, placed him reverently in a body bag and, with brothers and sisters forming a guard of honour, poor sweet mum weeping as we held her, they transported dad to the waiting van, away from the our home in Thorpe street … the house Jacko built with mum 62 years before.

Below is a dedication slideshow to my one-of-a-kind father:John (Jacko) Farrar


Tribute to My Dearest Father

John “Jacko” Farrar

June 24, 1928 – March 9, 2017

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Back to my website, I have dedicated the past twenty years to ethically support your choice of bioidentical hormones.

Because I sought to remain “impartial” and keep the big pharmaceuticals off my back, I took the approach I would not sell or be affiliated with the sale of progesterone creams, or health products generally.

Over time, this website evolved into an authority portal for all things ‘bioidentical hormones’, specifically assisting the consumer to use bioidentical progesterone responsibly.

Site visitors can freely access articles, research links, and self-help tools via a comprehensive knowledgebase that spans two decades.

My father’s death reinforces my commitment to provide links to trusted leading edge progesterone, nutrition and health research as it comes to hand.

Be well.

In love & appreciation,

Catherine P Rollins, Founder & CEO
Catherine P. Rollins
Founder & CEO

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I appreciate so very much what you do ( and have always done). You have benefitted literally thousands of my patients. God bless you.Dr Robert W. Patterson, Sanford, NC, USA