Wellness Coaching with Catherine Rollins

Heal Your Hormone Hell to Experience Boundless Health and Happiness

Curious to Discover if a

Hormone Imbalance is Responsible for

Destroying Your Hope?


Even Your Life?

(And the fastest, easiest, most natural


To see if you qualify, ask yourself this:

How frequently do you find yourself suffering from 1 or more of these frustrating symptoms?

  • Inability to conceive a baby, no matter what or ‘how hard’ you try
  • The devastation of miscarriage or 2nd term loss of a baby
  • Unpredictable or extremely long menstrual cycles
  • Unbearably painful premenstrual symptoms
  • Hot flashes that make you wonder if your bodies on fire
  • Symptoms of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Symptoms of Luteal Phase Defect
  • Painful or Unpredictable Menstrual Cycles
  • Moodiness, Sadness and Exhaustion
  • Severe headaches
  • Tender breasts
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling despondent because your doctors says “you’re imagining your symptoms” and you know “something is just not right”

My first coaching session with Catherine has been a real eye opener.

I have learned so much in one session that I feel I can now confidently move forward with my action plan to improve my hormonal health. I now understand that I can take control of my hormonal health and monitor and manage my hormonal levels without relying on guesswork. I am looking forward to beginning my action plan and will follow up with Catherine as it progresses. In my first session I got such a strong sense of Catherine’s determination to help me with my individual circumstances and all women achieve their best health. She is very easy to talk to and if you are concerned about your hormonal health and don’t know where to start, I would not hesitate to recommend Catherine to you. Thank you Catherine for your guidance, you are a God-send! – Michelle, Melbourne, Australia


It Doesn’t Matter If Your Symptoms Have Been “Diagnosed” …


What Matters is that

Medical Labels Like PCOS, PMS,

Menopause, Luteal Phase Defect,

Miscarriage, and Infertility…


Only Prove Your Doctor Knows

You Have a Problem


They Don’t Tell You How to Fix the Problem


I Can

Dear Struggling Sister,

I know you’re suffering in silence.
And I know you don’t have to.
Because I’ve been where you are sitting today.
Feeling worried. Hopeless. And Despondent…

Wondering, “Will this be the answeror just another let down?

If you’ve been everywhere, sought out countless answers, and
still you hear yourself saying…

“Nothing is working”

And you’re tired of all the roadblocks on your journey to restoring your health, your fertility, or your happiness…

I’d like to let you in on a little secret.

Most likely your doctor wants to help you …
Truth is, most doctors simply can’t.

Two reasons.

First, most doctors’ hands have been so tightly bound behind their back by the insurance industry that they dare not stick a toe outside the line of ‘traditional medicine’.

Meaning the few who have delved into the world of hormones are often highly sought after and schedule out for months…
You and I both know that’s quite a bit of time to wait when you’re in pain—emotional or physical, and you’re ready to get on with your life.

What’s the second reason your medical practitioner may not be able to show you the light at the end of the dark tunnel you’re now battling?

Because they’re trained to diagnose and then prescribe a cocktail of medication based on pharmaceutical marketing.

They’re so busy trying to keep up that they don’t have time to look beyond the prescription pad and pharmaceutical marketing to analyze how to fix the root cause of your struggles.

That’s Why I’m Not a Doctor …


I’m a Wellness Coach with More than

2 Decades of Expertise


… My Specialty?


Helping Women Like Us

Rebalance Your Hormones

And Reclaim Your Life

So if you’re struggling to have a baby, trying without results to overcome the pain and frustration of PMS, PCOS, Luteal Phase Defect, or simply feel like your menopause type symptoms are “not normal” … you’ve come to the right place.

Because I’m not here to tell you what you already know.
Or prescribe you a cocktail of medications (your doctor can do that all day long, and do it well!)

I’m here to help you finally experience relief, happiness, and hope.

And as you’ll see shortly…

Amazing Results.

Even if you’ve tried pharmaceutical drugs.

Even if you’ve tried acupuncture, meditation, EFT, NLP, hypnosis, or other natural solutions.

Even if you’ve tried exercise, changing your diet, adjusting your sleep habits…or something else that’s not working.

And YES, even if you’ve tried bio-identical progesterone cream (or many, many kinds of creams) and even that ‘miracle’ has failed …

Because I can help you uncover the missing link between your suffering …
and your solution.

I had my baby girl! … Only 1 hr of active labor
I just wanted to let you know that I had my baby girl! The progesterone cream helped me to have a healthy baby all the way through. I had a super easy birth as well – only 1 hr of active labor. Thank you for all the advice you gave on progesterone cream. Thanks! – Kimberly, USA

I feel like a new person … my health is balancing out again
Dear Catherine, I’m a couple of months on now from my last email, I have since found some great help and have been using progesterone cream as well as other supplements. I feel like a new person and my health is slowly balancing out again. I just wanted to send you a quick thank you – your words really encouraged me to find help when I felt so despondent.
Thank you for taking the time to advise me. – Ingrid, United Kingdom

I cannot bear to deal with another doctor or gynie telling me I am imagining these symptoms … this is making a remarkable impact
You cannot imagine how much your insight and concern mean to me. I cannot bear to deal with another doctor or gynie telling me I am imagining these symptoms. Thank you so much for your advice and assistance. I have no doubt that I want to go the natural route. This information is a gift to me as I have searched high and low for the information which I have so readily found in your self-help ebook. Catherine, keep up your wonderful work. Kindest regards and warm wishes.
This is making such a remarkable impact on the lives of so many woman. – Cathy

How can I help women like us — who suffer in silence—achieve such amazing results?

Because I’ve been where you are today.

I know how to help you uncover the TRUE reason why you’re suffering.

So I know how to help you understand the root cause of your symptoms, and pull it out like a bad weed in a rose garden.

And I know how to help you become empowered—to restore your health—to speak to your doctor or gynie—and begin to feel better, one simple step at a time.


Catherine P Rollins, Founder & CEO

You see, just like you, I have a story.

My becoming one of the top Hormone Health Wellness Coaches in Australia didn’t happen by accident.

In fact, it’s only because of a lack of ‘hidden information’ your doctor and drug companies aren’t sharing with you, that I’ve been blessed to help so many women who struggle with progesterone related devastation—like miscarriage, infertility, luteal phase defect, PCOS, menopause, PMS, extreme menstrual pain, impossible weight battles, skin blemishes, immune challenges, sleep deficiencies, exhaustion, — and yes, even the ‘unexplained symptoms’.

The Searing Pain Felt Unbearable, Like a Hot Poker Ripping through My Abdomen …

Diarrhoea, vomiting and excruciating abdominal pain was so unbearable, it would take me to the brink of collapse.

I have no memory of these “period problems” until around age 18 when mum grew concerned and took me to see a specialist.

The specialist prescribed “The Pill” to artificially regulate my period, reduce unsightly acne and facial hair, and ease my suffering
It wasn’t long before side effects relating to The Pill created more damage than good.

I had to stop taking it.

I didn’t realize the coincidence at the time, but my hormonal hell continued right up until I was 22—I moved away from home (and neighboring cluster of petrochemical companies where I also worked). My journey took me to Perth, Western Australia. And then, California.

I was amazed, when just four years later, my periods settled down, and I got my life back. (Or so I thought).

I married in Oceanside, California and, two years later, in 1984, gave birth to my son, John. While still breastfeeding John, I fell pregnant, and returned home to Australia to give birth to my daughter, Dominique in 1985.

My third child Cara was born in 1989, healthy in every respect but “special” in that she was born with an extra toe on her left foot!

Her pregnancy was riddled with problem, after problem, all leading up to the moment the doctor said those fateful words, “Catherine…I’m sorry…But you shouldn’t have any more children.”


At age 30, two months after Cara was born, I was admitted for a tubal ligation.

And that’s when I began to live a daily hormone hell.

By the time Cara celebrated her first birthday, debilitating fatigue, hair loss, panic attacks, missed periods—all caused by me severe hormone imbalance—were tearing my life apart.

I felt alienated.
Tears came easily.

Because (as weird as this may sound, maybe you can relate!) even after three pregnancies, my hormones were a mystery to me.

Back then, “it” just wasn’t talked about.

Your only support was at the local women’s clinic, so that’s where I headed.

Of course, you know what happened.

Immediately, a female doctor started me on “The Pill” … again.


The pill failed to relieve symptoms (like before).
So I was prescribed estrogen patches coupled with Provera (synthetic progestin) tables.

Symptoms only grew worse.

Their Solution?
Ramp up the dosage by implanting estrogen — and now testosterone—pallets into my backside.
Of course, Provera was prescribed again to “protect my uterus”.

As you can imagine, that level of synthetic HRT resulted in continued screenings for cervical cancer, uterine cancer — and a mammogram (to investigate a suspicious lump in my breast).

I asked. No one answered. I questioned. My doctor didn’t know what to say.
I knew I had to find out. And I knew I had to give us a voice.


You see…
HRT was (unbeknownst to me at the time) ruining my life.

By October 1996, around the time I was hospitalized for a D&C to resolve thickening of the endometrium and to correct cervical erosion (both known side effects of HRT), a work colleague dropped a book in my lap titled, ‘Passage to Power’ by Leslie Kenton.

Leslie’s book referred constantly to Dr. Lee and a “wonder cream” called natural progesterone.

Of course, I began to panic.

I sensed I was in trouble. Women’s intuition kicked in, and I KNEW HRT was slowly poisoning my body. And all of the confronting, medically backed information I was uncovering through publications like Passage to Power left me feeling frightened.

Still, after immediately hounding countless health food stores for a jar of this natural progesterone cream, I felt frustrated.

None could be found.

That’s when it happened.
I realized that the esteemed Dr. John Lee was in Melbourne lecturing on natural progesterone and women’s health. I made it a point to be in the audience.

As I sat and watched — fidgeting nervously as I digested every word Dr. Lee spoke — I felt panicked.

I was sitting on a ticking time bomb — and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.
(Because implants, once stitched into your backside, are not easily removed.)

Yet every fiber in my being was telling me it was burdened by these not-natural-to-the-body hormones, and all I could do was watch how things panned out.

In my desperate state I sent up a silent, fervent request, there and then …

“If you’ll help me find a way out of this mess, I will dedicate myself to helping other women understand what’s really going on … and avoid a similar plight.”

In answer to my heart-felt desire to get better, a local source of natural progesterone cream opened up to me. I began applying it directly to my breasts, changed my diet, began exercising, and mustered up a mountains worth of courage to line up for that dreaded mammogram. The results came back all clear. The lump had disappeared!


My end of the bargain was to spread the word. So that’s what I did.

I jumped on the Internet to research “real” natural progesterone cream, found a local distributor, and helped to make natural progesterone cream available to other women in Australia.

I learned, in the process, that there was a sea of MISinformation out there (largely populated by drug companies) that I had to get savvy with – and fast!!

I held workshops everywhere women would listen.

Lounge rooms … support groups, everywhere …

I funded a seminar in Geelong featuring Sherrill Sellman, author of ‘Hormone Heresy’.

I put together an info pack and posted these out to women absorbing the cost myself.

I ordered a box of Dr. Lee’s book, ‘What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause’ and sold these at cost to make sure it made it into the hands of anyone who needed it.

I made contact by phone with Dr. John Lee in the USA, using our long distance conversations to get the answers to questions other women with serious health problems presented me with.

He was always gracious…
Putting aside his private affairs, day or night, to lend an ear or extend his medical expertise to women like me who (I guess you could say) “hounded him for information”.

Thanks to Dr Lee’s participation in providing the initial information you now see on this free Advisory Network, this truly remarkable man’s legacy will live beyond his death — and continue to provide women like us with the information we so desperately need.


When I discovered that stories such as mine are horribly common, I made a promise:

No-one should have to suffer like I did in ignorance and isolation.

I would make freely available the information and research I had amassed in a format that would make sense to everyone.

I would offer support and advice to anyone who needs it.

I would connect people everywhere with health care professionals if possible who would respect their condition and their choices.

I would make sure that women can find safer, natural alternatives to artificial, not-natural-to-the-body hormone replacement therapy.

To that end, I subsequently founded and privately funded the Natural-Progesterone-Advisory-Network.com website you see today.


It wasn’t long into my progesterone journey that I received a “cease and desist” letter from the Therapeutics Goods Administration (Australia’s equivalent of the FDA) threatening $100,000 fines if I did not stop making health claims associated with the sale of progesterone cream.

They said, “You can sell your cream … you just can’t tell the whole truth.”

In other words, I and other distributors like me could sell progesterone cream, we just weren’t permitted to educate female consumers that the “cosmetic” cream they were purchasing contained a “hormone” that would have an impact on their health.

the power a tiny group of minds can have over 50% of our populations bodies, isn’t it?

As you can imagine, this was a turning point for me.
The moment of personal truth and fearlessness.

It made me stop and think:

What exactly WAS my ‘higher’ objective.
Was it to sell cream?
Or was my mission, passion and purpose to get the (mis)information about progesterone out there?

And would I allow intimidation – then, and to come – to destabilize my sense of purpose?

Well, you know how this story ends.

I walked away from my progesterone cream business to focus on bridging the gap in education, providing a “safe haven” for women, developing a substantial and, importantly, impartial knowledgebase women and healthcare professionals could trust.

Now nearly two decades after I made that bold, yet critically important decision — here I am talking to you …

I continue to research every day to bring you the most up-to-date knowledge available about bioidentical (natural) progesterone.

100% unbiased. 100% backed by studies. 100% for women like us.

(I don’t sell or promote or support any specific type of bio-identical progesterone cream. That’s right. I’m 100% independent …)

So my mission continues.

More now than ever, I want women of the world to be taken seriously, and stand up so we can save your sanity … your health … and often your life!

And that’s where I can help you …

Maybe you don’t have the time or the patience to continue researching. Hoping. Praying…

Or maybe your clock is ticking …

Or your pain is destroying your life …

Or you simply can’t seem to feel healthy … or happy … or ever wake up feeling rested.

Or maybe you’re tired of trying to uncover the ideal solution to help you restore your health … and you just want ANSWERS.

It doesn’t matter WHY you’re here right now looking for a solution,

what matters is that I can help you finally experience your happiest, healthiest days ever …

With Custom-Tailored Hormone Wellness Coaching.


I am a RN and have found your site to be absolutely magnificent. I have shared so much of the information with several physicians, colleagues, and friends. ~ Jane M, RN

Dear Catherine, I’m a couple of months on now from my last email, and I have been using progesterone cream as well as other supplements. I feel like a new person and my health is slowly balancing out again. I just wanted to send you a quick thank you – your words really encouraged me to find help when I felt so despondent. Thank you for taking the time to advise me. ~ Ingrid, United Kingdom


Just imagine! What if you could quickly and easily …

  • Understand YOUR Unique hormone profile in relation to your “reproductive life cycle”
  • Identify and finally make sense of your UNIQUE set of symptoms (even if your doctor thinks you’re ‘imagining it all’)
  • Take a deep-dive into how YOU should specifically (and uniquely) use natural bio-identical progesterone…why it differs from progestin…and even understand the carcino-protective role progesterone plays in addressing that nasty ‘Estrogen Dominance’
  • Uncover your perfect plan for flipping your health from ‘suffering’ to ‘soaring’–based on tried, tested and true NATURAL health solutions!
  • Discover a wellspring of evidence-based resources guaranteed to assist you in making the best choice for you — based 100% on medically backed research

By the time we’ve completed our time together, you’ll not only have ANSWERS.

You’ll have a sound, evidence based PLAN that can help you do more than “feel better”.

Together we’ll partner to achieve your real goals…

Freedom from pain.

Control of your menstrual cycle.

Peace of mind knowing you finally understand your health—and what to do to make boundless health a reality…

And even the indescribably happy glow of your newborn babies smile as they stare innocently into your eyes, their squishy fingers wrapped trustingly around yours—9 cherished and fear-free months after you finally conceive.

Yes! I’m Ready to Take Back Control of My Health, Body, and Happiness

Contact Me About Wellness Coaching Now


Dominique's Story - PCOS, Infertility and Bioidentical Progesterone

When you make the decision that “enough is enough” and you’re ready for answers, we’ll partner together to reach your goals.

I promise to …

  • Help YOU take stock of your current wellness (or lack therof)…so we have a foundation upon which to build a Real Plan…a roadmap of sorts that helps you quickly and successfully sail forward and reach “Hormone Well”
  • Help YOU Apply clearly defined knowledge and skills so that you mobilise internal strengths and external resources…because it’s about more than just discovering your healthy changes—it’s about sustaining them
  • Track your progress so you know when and how you are being successful
  • Champion your freedom to make informed choices about your hormonal health
  • Help you to explore your thinking, perspectives, habits
  • Be a sounding board when you’re making choices
  • Motivate you when it’s time for strong action
  • Challenge your blind spots to highlight new research and treatment protocols
  • Mentor you in development of your hormonal and emotional health goals
  • Help you to see new ways when you can’t otherwise see them
  • Partner with you in creating and living the healthy life you’re ready for
  • Always maintain confidentiality

And By the Time Our Journey Is Complete You’ll Have Successfully …

  • Created the wellness coaching agenda based on personally meaningful coaching goals
  • Identified what ‘Hormone Well’ looks and feels like for you
  • Assumed full responsibility for personal decisions and actions
  • Used the coaching process as a window to new opportunities and fresh perspectives
  • Engaged your big-picture thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Taken the tools, concepts and principles from coaching and apply them to effective forward action…the forward action you know you need to begin taking now if you ever want to escape this “hormone hell”

Yes! I’m Ready to Take Back Control of My Health, Body, and Happiness

Contact Me About Wellness Coaching Now


Catherine, you are awesome! You are, in person, exactly who I imagined you to be – caring, compassionate, and you know your stuff. You are the real thing! I walked away with a solid appreciation of my symptoms, why I wasn’t getting results from my progesterone cream, and how to take control of my hormones. ~ Chris, Torquay, Australia

Catherine, thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much about all of us women out here who need your information!! ~ Shelley, Sydney, Australia

Thank you so much for all your advice and help. I know I couldn’t do this without you. I feel very confident, and think I am totally equipped now to talk to my doctor. ~ Ruth, USA


“How Do I Know You’re Not Working for a

Progesterone Cream Company?”

  I and my Free Advisory Network stand 100% independent.

We do not sway to the influence of sponsors, censors, drug companies, or distributors.

I tell it like it is when it comes to the best uses of human-identical hormones.


Ready to Take Courageous Action

And Begin Soaring Toward Your

“Hormone Well” Goals and Aspirations?


Here’s What You Can Expect …

In our sessions, you’ll set the agenda and likely do most of the talking.

I’ll ask questions, share insights and sometimes challenge you.

Along the way you’ll become equipped and empowered with the tools, knowledge, and fundamentals of natural bio-identical hormones…

In a way that supports your choices.

You’ll gain the confidence to CHALLENGE and QUESTION what you’ve been fed.
By doctors. By the media. By pharmaceutical companies.
And you’ll embark on a deep discover of YOU … so you emerge re-energized, hopeful and with a full-fledged plan of attack.

Because this is not a counseling session … and I’m not just a ‘sounding board’ for you.

I’m here to ultimately guide you through the labyrinth of (mis)information…and (sometimes even) the lack of clinical support—back to optimal wellness.
Plus You’ll Get The Book that Started It All …
A Woman's Guide to Using Natural Progesterone

‘A Woman’s Guide to Using Natural Progesterone’

You’ll uncover the truth about your hormones … a New Age approach to HRT … how to begin picking up the pieces … how to get your doctor on YOUR side … the right way to use progesterone cream for maximum effectiveness … and more.

Yes! I’m Ready to Take Back Control of My Health, Body, and Happiness

Contact Me About Wellness Coaching Now

Listen …

You’ve read my story. You’ve seen the testimonials. So you know that I’m handing you the Bible to restoring health within your unique Body … helping you eliminate your greatest heartbreaks and symptoms … and empowering you to achieve your goals (you’ll even know how to talk to your doctor and get what you want!)

So it’s easy to see why I’d feel so excited about helping women like us…women who’ve been through “hormone hell” …

… women who are struggling to find that light at the end of the tunnel.

You and I both know that you have two choices.

You can pass on my offer to help you finally experience boundless health…look back a year from now and realize you’ve wasted more time than ever looking for the solution.

Or you can find it. You can finally uncover the root cause of all of your horrible symptoms and experiences … and you can look back a year from now and realize you’re no longer suffering in silence … knowing you have the answers, and the blueprint to take back control of your health.

I’d be overjoyed to help you along your journey …

Now or when you realize that you’re ready.

Catherine P Rollins, Founder & CEO
In love & appreciation,
Catherine P. Rollins
Founder & CEO
Ethically Supporting Women’s Choice of BHRT Since 2001
P.S. I know how you’re feeling right now. Worried that this will be just another wild goose chase that leaves you even more hopeless … helpless … and disappointed as before. The sooner you contact me to discover your options, the sooner you can write your own story of health, happiness and empowerment …

P.P.S. If you’ve used hormone cream before, and you’re still not seeing results. Contact me now. Chances are you’ve been misinformed about when to use it … how to use it … and how much to use for YOUR UNIQUE SYMPTOMS, and CIRCUMSTANCES.

P.P.P.S. Just one more thing. We all know how short life is. If you’re struggling to hold that beautiful baby in your arms … or your worried that your prescription of HRT can cut your life short … then you’ll want to contact me now. I’m here to listen … provide answers … and help until you’re ready to reclaim control of your health. Because sometimes we all need an arm to lean on as we climb the most difficult mountain the world …

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